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Why join Blabook?

Why join

The best way to explain is to tell these two true stories.

One of the founders of wanted to become a teacher. During his training he had to write a children's book. He did and so did his fellow students. The result was a number of very good children's books. But these books have never been seen or read after that. What a shame!

While working as a teacher, the founder of started a new career as a student of pedagogy at the University of Groningen. Six months he worked on his final thesis on sustainable education and finally his thesis was completed. After defending his thesis he got his degree, but the thesis ended up in his bookcase. Never to be read again! can ensure that the above will never happen again. Now everyone can publish his or her thesis, story, children's book or extract e.g. Don't discard your knowledge or creativity! Log in on and let the world read your stories!

Here's a few more reasons to get started:
  • It's entirely free to create and publish as many
    e-books as you want.
  • We take care of marketing, and more. In return we take a small service fee of 5% (excluding transaction fees).
  • As a publisher you don't have to worry about your money. You will be paid! We use PayPal to make payments to you!
  • As a publisher all the rights of your ebook are yours and stay yours.
  • As a publisher you can get a lot of market exposure.
  • Payments are save, because we only use the most trusted payment service providers, like PayPal and iDeal.
  • You can also create free e-books.
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Our goal is to make it fun and easy for you to publish your stories. Our community of publishers and writers will ensure you will have a good time. You can invite all your friends. is also a great way to make new friends and to meet interesting people.

We love books and we'll do everything we can to help you. As a publisher/ writer, you have your own Blabook page where you can invite all your friends and have access to many useful tools for starting as a publisher. It is so easy! We want you to be able to focus entirely on publishing great books. Start by setting up an account and create your personal Blabook page. This is a great day to start publishing!

Got any questions? Contact us at